On this page we remember those that will not be joining us for Reunions.  Please contact Cheryl Dore' Hall   cheryldorehall@gmail.com    to post a memorial notice, or to add information and personal messages. We encourage you to add a personal message to the memory of your close friends.

Around the corner I have a friend,
In this great city that has no end.
Yet the days go by and weeks rush on,
And before I know it, a year is gone.
 I never see my old friend's face,
For life is a swift and terrible race.
He knows I like him just as well,
As in the days when I rang his bell,
And he rang mine but we were younger then
And now we are busy, tired men.
Tired of playing a foolish game,
Tired of trying to make a name.
"Tomorrow" I say! "I will call on a whim
Just to show that I'm thinking of him"
But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes,
And distance between us grows and grows.
Around the corner, yet miles away
"Here's a telegram sir, your friend died today".
And that's what we get and deserve in the end.
Around the corner, a vanished friend.


* Barbara Yegsigian, born May 19th 1949, passed away, Oct. 27th, 1999.  
We will miss you Barb, but your spirit of friendship will always be with us.  One word to describe her...Enthusiasm!  She loved life, family and friends.
* Betty Bouchard
We will miss the tiny little friend we remember .....Our memories include  lots of smiles and fun...Betty, you will be missed at the reunion,.
*  Beverly Teller Mullins 
February 4, 1949 - December 11, 2006
We fondly remember a beautiful person with a heart of gold and a brilliant smile for everyone.  Always the cheerleader with her positive attitude and strong faith.
We had lots of fun learning to drive stick shifts, double dating and just hanging out...what fun you would have had to know your new Grandson, Grayson..born in 2009...Cheryl
* Benny Mendez
Benny's wife Andrea wrote in the 20th Reunion book: Benny passed away at age 29.  His courage and strength and his love for life were much to be admired. If Benny were here today, I think he would say, "Enjoy good health and live each day to its fullest".
* Bill Gross
Billy...everytime I hear the Allman Brothers or Marshall Tucker, i get a big smile...thinking about all the good times, and what a great friend you were.  Your smile and baby blue eyes...and your gentle way will never be forgotten.
* Charlene Gibson
For many of us Charlene was the first person close to us we lost ...we learned how to mourn when  a beautiful friend left us so young.  
Still thinking of you and happy to have had the priviledge to call you friend.
* Cheryl Laursen May 31, 1949 - August 13, 2015

​Nancy Hallberg Narsutis remembers her dear friend...Cheryl grew up living next door to me since we were 3 years old. Though she moved away after marriage we kept in touch throughout the years. She was one of those friends that you could not be in touch with for awhile... but when you did it was like no time had passed. She had beautiful children who adored her and was a wonderful, dedicated mother.....We will miss her dearly.

Nancy dedicated this touching quote from Walter Winchell in honor of her dear friend....."A real friend is on who walks in when the rest of the world walks out".
* Denise Kramer
I am so glad that I got to correspond with Denise for a few months on Classmates.com.....I was so sad to hear she was gone...I remember a cute little girl with big eyes and a spunky streak in her.....Kindergarten through high school was a long time ago.... but, Denise you will always be part of my fond memories.
* Duane Horka
​With great sadness we must add our wonderful friend Duane to our classmates who have passed. Duane succumbed to complications from cancer on August 4, 2016. There has been such an outpouring of grief and memories befitting a man who touched many lives in such a positive way. Duane was famous for his life in Hawaii and his Ono Burgers.....he is remembered as never forgetting a friends birthday ....he always had a quick smile and a kind word. Duane loved the Lord and lived his life in accord. RIP Duane, you will be with us in spirit at the 50th dancing the night away with all the ladies.
*Eileen Haney-Springer
Eileen attended our 40th Class Reunion and renewed her friendship many classmates. She can be seen in many of the reunion photos flashing that beautiful smile of hers. She remains in our hearts and memories forever...RIP, Eileen.
Eileen's Obit:
Federal Way, WA, went to rest at age 63 on September 30, 2012. Born, April 30, 1949 in Denver Colorado to Lawrence & Alice Haney. She was the beloved mother to daughters Amy Springer of Federal Way, Kym Springer of Everett and son Andrew Springer of Tacoma and sister to Thomas Haney of Long Beach, CA. She was preceded in death by her mother and father and husband of 32 years, Thomas L. Springer. She was a daughter, wife, mother, caretaker, friend and teacher. She resided in Federal Way for 37 years, after relocating from Southern California. She was actively involved in Alanon and the Daughters of Dementia support group.

* Enrique Lopez
Enrique contracted Multiple Sclerosis at about the age of 18 or 19.  It
was barely noticeable at that time, but over the years gradually took
his eye sight away, his ability to walk and gradually impaired his
ability to speak coherently.  Enrique, who was my best friend in high
school and to whom I remained close until the very end, succumbed to
his illness on June 7, 1985.  It was through Enrique and his family
that I became proficient in Spanish and learned about the struggle of
Mexican families in the US.  I still maintain ties with his family. 
Tim Mathos

* Glenn Thompson
Glenn attended our 40th Reunion and reconnected with many friends. He will be remembered for his friendly nature and easy going personality. We will miss his big smile...RIP, Glenn
* Greg Fishenich
Always on the go...probably because he grew up in a very large household...how many little Fishenich's were there? 9, 12...Greg played football, baseball, ran track and surfed.  His family moved to Torrance for needed space during his time at high school, but Greg made the daily drive back to LHS to be with his friends. 
* Jack Langan

 We tragically lost both Jack and his loving wife, Lyndell, March 29, 2014. they were in a motorcycle accident in Arizona and their deaths deeply touched all who knew this amazing couple.  Jack and Lyndell remained fast friends with many of their classmates throughout the years; hosting parties and coming to all the class events. May all those wonderful memories comfort those that mourn them.
* Jaynie Wilson
We remember a very fun girl with a zest for life.....Jaynie, you were always so Cool! You left way to early the party was just getting started! We miss you, gal!
* Jerry Shimohara
Serious might be a word to describe him..even Alan Satow had a hard time making Jerry laugh when he was focused.  A great student/scholar and sports competitor.  Jerry was co-captain of the football team and a friend you could respect and always depend on.  We miss you, Jerry.
* Joe Glass
Happy go lucky Joe always had a smile and a good word for everybody.  He played football at LHS and surfed along Hermosa Beach where he lived after graduating.  Later he worked at Todd Shipyard in San Pedro.  Thanks for the smiles, Joey.
* John Harthorn
Clever and funny.  A friend to everybody. John could and did, charm strangers. After LHS he became an educator, later teaching in San Diego where he made his home with his wife and two children.  John's positive attitude about life was a gift he readily gave to all of us lucky enough to be his friend.
- John Markles
Johnny (Big Cheese)....you were the ultimate practical joker with the greatest laugh and the best Halloween costumes ever! We miss you so much....but you still bring us a lot of smiles and laughter when we think of you!
- Kathy Rothfuss
I remember Kathy as being a "good friend - i felt so cool hanging around with her!    She was the first "girl from the east coast"...with a new jersey accent, black leather jacket -- what a cool chick...whenever I watch Grease, i think of her!
​* Larry Gutting  Born January 12, 1949 - passed away October 26, 2016

Many of us went to Kit Carson, Roosevelt, and LHS with Larry....from K-12 is a long time to build many memories. Larry is remembered as a quiet, kind, and friendly guy. Larry was in the Air Force from 1968 -1972, and worked for Lockheed Martin for 42 years. It was terrific to see Larry at our 40th reunion..we will miss him at the 50th.
* Linda Neville Vandermost 
Linda helped plan the 40th reunion and could always be seen with her brother, Larry, at the car shows in Redondo Beach. She will always remain in our hearts and remembered for her kind nature and fun loving spirit.
* Linda Smith
Part of our school memories and forever in our hearts. Christine Holloway ('66) informed us of Linda's passing... she maintained a close relationship with Linda throughout the years..
* Lynn Hayes
November 1, 1949 - December 21, 2013
Lynn was a great friend to many of us in high school and after.  He attended the 40th reunion and reconnected with many friends on Facebook. Lynn will be greatly missed; his friendly smile and kindness always remembered.
Pictures of Lynn and his family can be seen in some of the class albums on this website. His profile entered before the 40th Reunion stated that he had worked for Northrop Grumman for 34 years. Upon retirement he had become an assistant winemaker in Paso Robles.
* Lynda Hunter
What a huge loss to friends, family and everyone that knew her .I never knew anyone as kind and giving as Lynda. She was a great best friend, mother,sister,wife,daughter and grandmother. She is greatly missed.
*Mike Dixon*

​Mike will always be remebered for his service to our country...paying the ultimate price for freedom. 

* Mike Hogbin
Sadly, we have learned from our fellow classmate,  Roger Tiedemann,  that Mike passed away about 2001.
* Millie Jue
Sadly we are informed by Judy McGlinnen O'Rourke  that our friend Millie was reported as passed at one of our early class reunions. Millie will be remembered for her friendly smile and always in our fond memories.
* Orville Jones
​Always a part of our LHS memories...Orville passed several years ago we have heard from his school buddy Byron Eguchi.
* Patricia Wigmore
Cynthia Wycoff remembers her dear friend: " She was my best friend, one of a group of about six of us who were always together in high school.  She went away to college and got her BA. She never let her vision problems or sun sensitivity be a disability to her!  We kept in contact for a time, but we lost her very young to a brain tumor.  I miss her wisecracks, her brilliance, and fun times."
* Randy Fannin
October 13, 2011 - Seal Beach, CA; Kathy Rice Mcleod sends this sad message to us:
Our friend and classmate, Randy Fannin's life has just been senselessly taken away. As we approach our 45th reunion, this senseless act is just another reminder of just how precious life is and how quickly one second can make a difference - good and bad. My heart goes out to his family. Randy and his family will remain close in our hearts and prayers.  
*Richard Prestia
Richard was such a nice guy.  We hold you dear in our thoughts and
* Rick Buker
We were sad to hear that Rick passed away about 2006 in a car accident....
* Risa Yamamoto * July 22, 1949 - June 15, 2015

​We will miss this lovely lady at our 50th Reunion....she attended the 40th Reunion and  had a wonderful time reconnecting with so many friends.  Risa is remembered as a beautiful song queen and active in many high school government programs. Always in our hearts.

Darcy Barcroft Carroll remembers.......Risa Yamamoto had the most beautiful moon face you ever saw.  Even at our 40th reunion, she had that same beautiful moon face but framed with silver and black hair.  We were "song queens" together....pom pom girls.  Went to Redlands, CA for a very hot week of cheerleader camp.  Risa was kind and bright and funny.  She was a librarian and lived in Alexandria, VA.  Daughter, Nora and son, Eddie.  I can still hear her giggle.  I am heartbroken to know she is gone
* Robert "Rughead" "Rug" Hartley
March 22, 2010 sad news of Rug's tragic passing has shocked us all. Please   
      submit your fond memories of Rug through "Contact Us" for sharing here. 

-My name is Laura Hartley, I am Robert Hartley's daughter in law. I have some sad news to share today.
On Sunday night March 21st 2010, Robert (Rug) Hartley passed away during an unexpected fire at his home in Gardena California. The garage, where he spent most of his time working on his beautiful jewelery and rocks, caught fire and Rob did not make it out. Our one comfort in this tragedy is that he was NOT burned at all. His body was found in near perfect condition so even though we don't have the autopsy report back as of yet, we know the cause of death was either a heart attack or smoke inhalation. Adam (his only child) and I, Adam's wife, have  been in California this week going through salvageable belongings by day and reminiscing about Dad, his wonderful personality and all our many fond memories of him in the evenings. It was Dad's greatest wish that when he passed, we not do any sort of funeral or morbid gathering for him. He wanted a celebration of life. A party full of love, laughter, family and friends to be held in his honor. And that is exactly what we are going to do!!  This is something we are going to do in a couple months, once we (Adam, myself and his 4 beautiful grandsons) have had a chance to grieve as a family, get Rob's affairs in order and then plan a wonderful party for him. We would like to have this celebration of life when the weather is a touch nicer so we might be able to hold it out doors (Dad would have liked that). We also would like to extend and invitation out to any and all who knew and loved him, but because much of his paperwork, phone books, phone and computer were destroyed in the fire, we are having trouble reaching many of his friends that we know would love to attend. If you are one of the people who would be interested in joining this celebration, please let Adam and I know via our email account at aandlhartley@gmail.com. We will NOT be maintaining Rob's email accounts, so please do not respond to this email.  Once we have an idea of the number of people who would like to attend the celebration of life, we can begin the planning. If you email Adam and I back, we will absolutely give everyone ample notice of the time and place so everyone can make arrangements. We do know it will be held somewhere in the beach cities of California where Rob grew up and lived his entire life.
I apologize to give such sad news over email, but it's one of the only ways we have to try and contact Dad's many friends.
Rob was and always will be loved by many and he will be missed greatly. We ask that you think of him fondly and with love. Cherish the memories and laughter and remember him with a smile on your face. That is what he wanted more then anything.
Please contact us via our email with any questions, condolences or just a quick RSVP to the eventual celebration. Again, you can contact Adam and I at aandlhartley@gmail.com.
Thank you to all the friends and family who have been such a great help to us this week. We are grateful beyond words for the love and support we have received.
Sincerely, Adam and Laura, Robert's loving son and daughter.


-Rug has given us all such great memories and I will always remember his special brand of humor and his laughter - and especially his appreciation for our class and the friendships that developed during the high school years.  Rug...you left us way too soon, our friend. 
Peace to you....Kathy Rice McLeod

- We will miss you Rug, but will always keep the fond memories of you
forever! May you rest in peace my friend....Mike and Judy

-We will miss you Rug. You always had a smile even through the tough
times. I will miss our conversations and your "Hi Sweetie" when I/you would
call. I will always treasure the beautiful stone you gave me and will wear it
with fond memories. I love you my friend. Nancy

-Rest in peace dear friend.

-So sorry to hear of Rug's passing.  He always tried to put a smile on
your face and will be greatly missed by all.  I will never forget when we had
P.E. together in high school and how he had the most incredible physique with
broad shoulders.  Also, when I was walking through the terminal building at the
Lihue Airport in Kauai, Hawaii I saw him walking towards me with his wife and
knew even from quite a distance that it was him.  Ecclesiastes 7-1 "The day one
dies is better than the day he was born".  We'll mis you Rug..............Duane 

-My heart has broken, he was one of my best friends, he of course was one of the funniest people ever..Connie Groux Miller

-Robert "Rug" Hartley, a man given the ability to make people happy and
warm from his loving friendships. Rug, you'll always be my big brother, young
when we started and loved all you were about. Including going steady with my
sister. You lived 2/3rd's of a lifetime on earth, then taken for God's work. Do
God's work Rug, like you did for all of us here. ILY Brother, Robby 

*Roberta Berry
Roberta RIP....you are fondly remembered & will always be part of our LHS memories.
* Steve Cleary
Steve had a knack for making us laugh and mischief followed him around like a best friend.  The world needs more people like you Steve! You are fondly remembered.

* Steve Neufarth
Many classmates have asked about Steve...he was such a nice guy & had many close friends from his many years as our classmate.   In 2008 we received a lovely note from Timothy Neufarth...Steve Neufarth and Vicki Ax's (LHS)  son...I am so sad to say that Steve passed away from cancer in 1986. You are fondly remembered, Steve.

- Teddy Ulkus
Taken way too young and tragically...your classmates will never forget .....we hold fond memories of a beautiful boy.
* Steve Adcock

​Steve passed away February 26, 2017, due to a heart attack.  We will always remember his friendly, outgoing personality...he leaves behind many good friends.
* Yolanda Cervantes
​In remembrance of our dear classmate. Naomi Carlblom-Harris found that Yolanda passed several years ago...no details are available at this time.  Gone but in our hearts always.